Where can I buy JicaFoods Products?

Our products are available for purchase in Grocery Stores in the Produce Department (near the fresh cut veggies & fruits). Find a store here

How can I get JicaFoods products into my local store?
Print our Product Request Form, bring it to your local store, and present it to the Produce manager.

Can I purchase online?
JicaFoods products are only available for purchase in the Produce department of your local grocery store. 

Why make a Wrap out of Jicama?
Good question! Jicama is the next superfood! Besides being crisp & delicious, our Jicama Wraps are

  • The perfect tortilla alternative! Our wraps are perfectly round, pliable, and big enough to hold your favorite taco fillings! 
  • Only 8 calories & 1 net carb per WRAP!
  •  Keto, Paleo, Grain Free
  • 1 Ingredient: JICAMA 
  • Natural source of inulin, a prebiotic, which helps to maintain the "good" bacteria in your colon 
Learn more about Jicama here


Can I freeze my Jicama Wraps?

The best way to consume JicaWraps is eaten fresh, right out of the package. 


Can I heat my Jicama Wraps in a skillet? 

Yes, you can heat them up for a few seconds as you would any tortilla. We also love them right out of the package! 


What allergens should I be aware of?

None! Our fresh cut jicama products are free from allergens.