Sushi Handrolls w/ Jicama Wraps

Serves 6-8 | Prep Time: 35 Min | Total Time: 2 Hrs


2 Packages of Jicama Wraps
1 Pound Sushi Grade Tuna (cut into small cubes)
1 Pound Sushi Grade Salmon (cut into small cubes)
Carrots Thinly Sliced
Cucumber Thinly Sliced
Mango Thinly Sliced
Jalapeno Thinly Sliced
Avocado Thinly Sliced
Black Sesame Seeds
Sesame Seeds
Pickled Ginger

For Sauce (optional):
1⁄2 Cup Mayonnaise
1 Tbsp Sriracha
Splash of Lime Juice

1. Process all ingredients ensuring that all the fruits and vegetables are sliced very thin.
2. For the Sauce: Add all ingredients to a bowl and whisk until ingredients are well incorporated.
3. Lay a thin layer of chosen fruits, vegetables, and meat on the jicama wrap. Fold both sides of the wrap over to enclose the ingredients and form the hand roll.
4. Garnish with sesame seeds and sauce if desired. Serve with wasabi and pickled ginger on the side.