Fish Tacos w/ Jicama Wraps

Serves 6-8 | Prep Time: 40 Min | Total Time: 1 Hr 15 Min


2 Packages of Jicama Wraps
Vegetable Oil for Frying
1 Cup All Purpose Flour
1 Tsp Salt, Plus More for Seasoning
2 Pounds Cod Cut into 4 ̋ x 1 ̋ Strips
Black Pepper
Pickled Jalapeños
Chipotle Sauce of Choosing

1 Cup All Purpose Flour
1 Tsp Salt
1⁄2 Tsp Black Pepper
1 Cup Beer

5 Cups Shredded Red Cabbage
3 Tbsp Red Onion Chopped
1⁄2 Cup Cilantro Chopped
3 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1 - 1⁄2 Tsp Vegetable Oil
1⁄2 Tsp Salt

1. For the Beer Batter: Mix the flour, salt and pepper in a medium bowl. Gradually add the beer while whisking. Set aside and let the batter rest for 15 minutes before using.
2. For the Fish: In a large pot or dutch oven, add enough vegetable oil to allow the fish to be completely submerged. Bring oil to 350°F on a deep fry thermometer.
3. On a large plate, combine the flour and salt. Season the fish with salt and pepper and coat the fish with the flour mixture. Working in batches, dip the fish in the beer batter and coat on both sides. Fry in the hot oil until golden browned the fish is cooked through, about 5 minutes. Transfer to a plate lined with paper towels.
4. For the Slaw: Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl. Mix well.
5. Assemble the taco’s.