The Origin of JicaChips

My husband loves to snack. In front of the tv or between meals, he is always munching on something.
In our house, snacks were either greasy, calorie-laden chips or "healthy" chips that never got eaten.


From this quest, JicaChips was born.

We discovered jicama, the "Mexican Potato", while vacationing in Mexico. Traditionally eaten raw, with a sprinkle of Chili & Lime, this slightly sweet, low calorie & nutrient dense root vegetable inspired JicaChips, deliciously irresistible, crunchy chips made from jicama slices. Goodbye potato chips, Hello JicaChips. 
We believe that everyone deserves a snack that is as delicious as it is good for you. Make JicaChips your family's new favorite snack and crunch without sacrificing.